Selling Tips

  • Drop off on Thursdays and Saturdays only
  • Label all your boxes/bags (max of 2) with your contact info (name, number, email)
  • Visit our website or our instagram page @littleonesclosettoronto to see what we are currently accepting 
  • We only buy clean, odorless, animal hair free and gently used children’s clothing in excellent condition, shoes, hats, toys, small baby gear and books that are in - no stains, fading, piling or excessive wear.
  • Please ensure all zippers and button closures work.
  • We only accept pieces that are of up to date styles and on trend for todays modern family.  
  • We do not accept used socks or underwear
  • We do not accept bedding or cloth diapers.  
  • For us to quickly review your items, please lay flat in a disposable box or paper bag. Please no hangers or garbage bags as this will slow down our selection process.  If items are deeply wrinkled, we cannot accept these items.
  • We do not accept large bulky items (eg cribs, exersaucers, etc as we do not have the retail space)

These are the only brands you are welcome to always drop off anytime even if the size/season is not what we are currently accepting:

  • Roots
  • Jax & Lennon
  • Mini Mioche
  • Kyte Baby
  • MEC
  • Whistle and Flute 
  • Os & Oakes
  • Peace Collective
  • Province of Canada
  • Smash and Tess
  • Crywolf
  • Baby Boden