Selling Tips

  • Drop off on Thursdays and Saturdays only
  • Label all your boxes/bags with your contact info (name, number, email)
  • Visit our website to see what we are currently accepting!  
  • We only buy clean, odorless, animal hair free and gently used children’s clothing in excellent condition, shoes, hats, toys, baby gear and books that are in - no stains, fading, piling or excessive wear.
  • Please ensure all zippers and button closures work.
  • We only accept pieces that are of up to date styles and on trend for todays modern family.  No vintage please.
  • We do not accept used socks or underwear
  • We do not accept bedding or cloth diapers.  
  • For us to quickly review your items, please lay flat in a disposable box or paper bag. Please no hangers or garbage bags as this will slow down our selection process.  If items are very wrinkly, we cannot accept these items.
  • Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to find out more details about what we are currently accepting.  You can also follow our feed on instagram @littleonesclosettoronto
  • We do not accept large bulky items (eg cribs, exersaucers, etc as we do not have space)

Brands you are welcome to always drop off even if the size/season is not what we are currently accepting:

  • Roots
  • Jax & Lennon
  • Mini Mioche
  • Kyte Baby
  • Little and Lively
  • MEC
  • Miles Baby
  • Whistle and Flute 
  • Os & Oakes
  • Peace Collective
  • Province of Canada
  • Smash and Tess
  • Crywolf