Our mission at Little Ones Closet is to help reduce our carbon footprint by reusing and recycling outgrown clothing, shoes, toys and books.  We only have one world that our children and our children's children (etc.) will grow up in and we have to do everything we can to keep this planet healthy for them.  Creating a circular economy is one way we can do this.  Let us make it easy for you to help reduce your landfill waste by selling or donating your outgrown children's items to us. 
Let's look after the one planet we have together.


Kids grow fast (too fast in my opinion as I would love to keep my kiddos tiny forever). Landfills are full of clothing that children have quickly outgrown. Kids are expensive! Why buy new when you can purchase almost new clothing for a fraction of the cost while helping shrink our carbon footprint?


Shopping pre-loved children’s clothing helps relieve the environmental impact we have on the world in a small way – being conscious consumer matters. There is so much waste made by clothing and accessories that can still be used! At Little Ones Closet, we make it easy for kids to look great in an affordable and mindful way while helping the sustainability of our planet for our kids, and their future kids. We are very proud to be part of the conscious consumer movement, to help in any way that we can, and you should be too. Thank you for helping the planet!